Holcim Australia and FMD partner to trial zero-emission concrete truck
Mar 15 – 2024

Holcim Australia and FMD partner to trial zero-emission concrete truck

By Kate B, 27 February 2024

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Holcim Australia Pty Ltd to trial the Foton e-AUMAN C EV concrete truck in Australia. Image credit: Holcim Australia Pty Ltd

Holcim Australia has joined forces with Foton Mobility Distribution (FMD), a prominent Australian distributor of energy-efficient vehicles to conduct trials of the Foton e-AUMAN C EV concrete truck.

As part of the agreement, the Foton EV truck is set to undergo an extensive 6-month trial period under the auspices of Holcim Australia, situated at a remote mining site near Port Hedland in Western Australia.

This trial will subject the vehicle to extreme operating conditions, allowing both entities to assess its viability, reliability, and performance, particularly in the realm of ready-mix concrete distribution.

Cyril Giraud, head of Sustainability at Holcim Australia and New Zealand, underscored the significance of this initiative within the framework of Holcim’s global Accelerating Green Growth strategy.

“The initiative is aligned to Holcim’s global Accelerating Green Growth strategy. It serves as a local example of Holcim’s commitment to investing in zero emissions vehicles, thereby helping to reduce environmental impacts while delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers,” he stated.

If the trial proves successful and gains approval under Australian Design Rules (ADR) for public road usage, Holcim envisages leveraging the Foton EV truck to distribute its ECOPact low-carbon concrete products in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

This move would further assist Holcim’s customers in meeting their climate targets, the company said.

Furthermore, Giraud emphasised the substantial environmental benefits of transitioning to EV vehicles, stating, “By replacing one diesel concrete truck with an EV we will eliminate approximately 42 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere each and every year.”

He continued, “This equates to a fuel cost saving in excess of $33,000 per annum, before further savings are extracted via lower service and maintenance costs.”

On the other hand, FMD anticipates gaining invaluable insights into the performance of its larger zero-emission trucks through this collaboration.

Neil Wang, CEO of FMD, expressed enthusiasm about the trial, citing the opportunity to gather operational data that will inform product enhancements.

He also underscored FMD’s commitment to supporting Holcim in its Accelerating Green Growth Strategy.

“The introduction of the Foton EV concrete truck to the Australian market via this trial is the forerunner of a number of new and exciting Foton New Energy vehicles which will be introduced in 2024 in support of the transition to Net Zero,” Wang remarked.

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